Part-time AP and Diploma Degree Subjects

New skills - made in Denmark - For those of you that want to enhance your CV, your job opportunities and your network.

Educate yourself at Business Academy Aarhus and get tools you can use right away. You’ll get new knowledge, new inspiration - and an internationally recognised certificate to prove it.

Teaching is exclusively in English.

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What’s in it for you?

  • Inspiration and an academic challenge - choose between sales, marketing, coaching and innovation
  • Competencies which are well-known in the Danish labour market
  • Qualifying subjects you can add to your CV
  • Part-time educational courses, leaving you time for other activities in your everyday life
  • Educational courses with ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer System)
  • Free sparring about your educational and career choices
  • Free access to several different network forums (mostly in Danish)

Flexible further education

With a qualifying education from Business Academy Aarhus, you have excellent flexibility. You can take a single subject, an entire programme or tailor-make your own programme that best matches your needs and desires.

At the moment we only offer our subjects in English for groups, but please contact us for any additional information.  If you want an entire programme you can also combine your English subjects with our Danish part-time Academy Profession and Diploma degree subjects 

Subjects offered in English

Digital Marketing

Part-time AP degree subject | 10 ECTS

Digital Marketing is for those who want to know how to use the various online channels optimally in marketing.

Project Management in Practice

Part-time AP degree subject | 10 ECTS

With the subject ‘Project Management in Practice’, you will learn all the basic skills of project management.

Concept Development and Business Models

Part-time AP degree subject | 10 ECTS

Learn how to go from just an idea to doing business. You’ll get the tools to create concepts, lead creative processes and foster a creative environment.

Sales Psychology and Basic Sales

Part-time AP degree subject | 10 ECTS

For those who want insight into their own personal profile, as well as knowledge about how to best read and handle the various customer types you’ll meet.

Coaching in Organisations

Part-time AP degree subject | 10 ECTS

You will develop your dialogue and communication skills, with special focus on being able to coach in an organisational context.